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Overall Coverage

  • With the help of intelligent navigation, the robot vacuum cleaner can map the surrounding environment,and plan a zigzag path to clean an entire level of your home, to avoid missing spots, more efficient and cleaner than random cleaning.


  • The mop pad attached to our robot grips the ground tightly and removes the most stubborn dirt and stains on the floor. The unique mop path that mimics human mop behavior makes cleaning more systematic and efficient.

3 in 1 Vacuum & Mop

  • The vacuuming mode can last for 110min, with the largest 3000Pa suction, perfect for cleaning pet hair, food fragments, pet food on the carpet. The mopping mode can last for 250min and can start and stop automatically to prevent slips on the hard floor. Ultra-slim body, easy to clean under furniture without missing any dead corner for deep cleaning.

Dual dynamic variable speed sode brush

  • The 2 dynamic variable-speed sides brush adjusts their speed automatically according to different cleaning situation along the edge and corner. Leaving no trace of dust. Thereby improving cleaning quality. 


  • The 2-layer fan blades provide greater air volume at the same speed, and the snail-like air duct naturally forms a circular spiral airflow, which greatly reduces air volume loss.


  • It can understand the environment and divide clean areas without having to spin aimlessly. The carpet recognition intelligent automatic pressure function will not conflict with furniture. The A7 chip and lidar make the robot smarter than ever.


  • What makes a robot cleaner robotic is the precision of the navigation sensors. With multiple smart sensors, the robot avoids obstacles with ease and tackles tough terrain effortlessly.
  • When it knocks into something, its bumper retracts and the sensors tell the robot to find a clear path.
  • The cliff sensors help the robot sense the edges and avoid it falling from heights.

The wall sensors let the robot follow very closely along walls and around objects without touching them. The robot recognizes the carpet with the virtual walls around.



  • This robot delivers effective cleaning with a low noise output. It’s ideal for late-night cleaning or anyone who likes a bit of quiet time.

This is the world’s first robot mop & vacuum featuring innovative self-cleaning technology. With this robot, you could have all the floor cleaning done without lifting a finger.


Cheaning whole room without using your hands

  • Other robot vacuums on the market are either stupid navigation or can only empty the grimy dust bin manually, and many of them do not even come with both vacuum and mop function. They may not have much practical application and finally becomes a decoration only.
  • Here, we introduce to you our robot vacuum cleaner and 2-in-1 mop cleaner, which has its own automatic emptying dust collection base, which can completely free your hands.




With groundbreaking self-cleaning technology, this robot signals the start of a new era of the fully automatic robot cleaner, where you can enjoy a truly hands-free floor cleaning experience.



With the latest map management system, the AI algorithm allows robot to partition your home map into individual rooms and identify different area to make it easier for spot cleaning.

You can even merge, label and rename the rooms. Achieve preset cleaning route or schedule the time to clean designated rooms. Cleaning has never been so easy!


Unlike many traditional robot vacuum cleaners, it can recognize different floors of the house and automatically save the map, which is very useful for multi-storey houses. No need to rebuild the map. It can even automatically match and switch between maps, thereby improving cleaning efficiency.


Set up "Forbidden Zone" (from 0.5m to 10m) to protect your valuables



Our robot is now on a large billboard in TIME SQUARE!

Here is a closer look:


Question: how long does the robot take to charge?

Answer: Depends on how much charge remains. Typically, about an hour or 2. The important thing is, it practically doesn't matter. You send a robot to clean and it will clean. If it needs to charge it will drive itself to the dock to recharge while cleaning and returns to the dock to charge when done.

By BG on September 18, 2020

Question: How long does this robot vacuum cleaner work when fully charged?

Answer: A strong cleaning of about 100mins is performed in normal mode. Also, it has a break-point memory function that will continue to complete the interrupted work after automatic charging, no longer need to worry about the battery power!

By Marcus · September 8, 2020

Question: Is it really good from hardwood floors to carpets?

Answer: Yes, the carpet can be cleaned well. But it works well on hardwood floors.

Melissa November 21, 2019


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