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Smart Accordion Lamp (Free Shipping Worldwide)

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When you fall asleep, the warm yellow light on the bedside, the soft light is not dazzling, guarding you until the morning, no longer afraid of the dark night.

To open it, just pull it like playing the accordion, and it will instantly transform into a kind of engraving lamp, emitting wonderful ambient warm LED light through the accordion-shaped page.

This beautiful design has magnetic covers in both directions, so you can open it fully 360 degrees. You can also connect it to any number of units to create your own sculpture art.

The smart accordion light is completely portable and can be charged via the included USB charging cable and magnet belt.

Can it be hung like a lantern? Does it have a magnetic strap?
✔️Yes, soft and beautiful like a lantern.

How many colors of light are there?
✔️There is two warm glow, cold white and warm yellow.

How can I track my order?⁣
✔️As soon as we process your order, you will automatically receive a tracking code via email. It will include instructions and a web link so you always know the status of your order.